April 2020 Trash and Recycling Update by ADS

HOUSEHOLD WASTE: Continues to operate as normal. All household trash must be bagged. No bags to exceed 50 lbs. Minimize the amount of material outside containers. Place containers 3 ft. apart and at least 10 ft. from obstacles such as, mailboxes, cars, and lamp post.

RECYCLE: Continues to operate as normal. Minimize the amount of material outside containers.

YARD WASTE: Continues to operate as normal. Follow your designated yard waste collection day. May not exceed 50 lbs. per collection. 10 bags max. Bundled yard debris should not exceed 4ft. in length. Dirt, sod, concrete, rocks, and mulch are NOT acceptable items and will not be collected. Please recycle ALL grass clippings. Lawn recycling is the practice of mulching and allowing lawn clippings to naturally be put back into the soil as fertilizer. Grass clippings are an excellent organic source of nitrogen, and can also conserve water – they are 90% water, as well as organic material – returning water back to the soil. 

BULK AND APPLIANCES: Suspended until further notice. Please store these items in garages or basements until collection resumes.

PLEASE NOTE: Trash and recycling has increased by 30%, requiring longer than normal service times and more trips to the landfill, with the possibility of service times being delayed.