Change to Hawthorn Parking Procedures

The Hawthorn Cluster board voted to create 4 visitor spaces from the existing parking areas. They will be marked as “VISITOR” with white paint on the blacktop. They were selected to allow visitor parking for up to 24 hours while minimizing any impact to current residents.

The new parking procedures will be:

  1. Just like today, parking tags will be required for all non-visitor spaces, except between 8 AM and 4 PM seven days a week. Cars parked in these areas without tags during other times  will be subject to towing.
  2. Parking tags will not be required in the visitor spaces. Visitors can park up to 24 hours. After 24 hours a car without a parking tag in a visitor space will be subject to towing.
  3. Residents can use visitor spaces as well. We ask that residents use visitor spaces only after there are no available non-visitor spaces out of courtesy to our guests.

The board is responding to multiple residents who want to have friends and family for visits but have no spare visitor’s pass for them. Remember, the primary parking for residents is their garage and driveway, with parking passes for overflow. If we are all considerate and maintain current habits the visitor spaces will have no impact on resident parking. Board members will monitor parking and, if the visitor spaces create problems, we will look for alternative solutions. Send comments or concerns to