Hawthorn Annual Meeting – Oct 24 from 1-3pm — HOA Volunteers Needed

This year’s Hawthorn homeowner’s meeting will be held on October 24th from 1-3pm.  We will meet in the green space between 1249 and 1251 Wild Hawthorn Way.  A tent will be provided incase of rain. Homeowners should bring their own chairs (which can be placed in a socially-distant manner), and should have a mask available if needed.  A minimum of 12 homeowners is required to reach quorum to hold the election.

We have a critical need for HOA Board volunteers.  Kara Wills’ 3-year term is complete on October 24th, and she will not be seeking re-election.  This leaves 3 open board seats out of five in total.  Homeowners will receive materials via mail, and this will include proxy voting forms.  

Please feel free to contact Bill Kirby (Treasurer) or Laura Amann (Secretary) with any questions.  Kara Wills (Vice President) is also available through October 24.