Purple Parking Tags are Not Valid – Towing Company May Tow

On January 1, 2016 (a year and half ago), Hawthorn Cluster required new hanging tags for parking in our communal lots from 4PM to 8AM. Since that time, JDR Towing has not towed anyone using the old, purple tag. However, starting immediately, JDR has been instructed to tow any vehicle displaying the old tag.

Hawthorn Cluster has very limited parking compared to the number of units. Please try to use your garage and driveway to park your vehicles so that our parking spaces remain open for guests. If you need an extra pass, consider asking a neighbor to borrow theirs for the evening. That being said, JDR will now tow cars with the old tags, so please ensure that if you have a car parked in the communal parking lot, that it has the newer tag issued in January, 2016.

Valid Permit Sample

Note: The old parking tags have a purple background with white lettering. The new tags have a white background with blue lettering.

If you have any questions, please contact Capitol Property Management at 703-707-6404.